Ken Kelley, garbed in his conductors outfit, welcomes all visitors to The Great Train Room. You may view up to five different layouts that make up this unique room. We hope that in some small way your visit will encourage you to become familiar with the joys and experiences of railroading which has brought us to where our country is today. It is sad, for most youngsters growing up today, that they cannot see a giant steam engine hauling the goods and passengers that they once used to... for this was the apex of the Industrial Revolution Era. Despite this, there are still joys to be had by "working on the railroad" even if it is in miniature.

Select a Layout to see some toys/trains that your
Parents or Grandparents may have played with.

Layout 1: A Baggage Cart of Trains (Pre-War O Gauge, Circa 1918-1932)
Layout 2: Lionel O Gauge Layout (Introduction to realism, Circa 1940)
Layout 3: Standard Gauge Trains (Classic Period, Circa 1932)
Layout 4: Lionel at WAR (Lionel's #203 armored train set, Circa 1917)
Layout 5: Trolley Line in the City (Lionel's #8, Circa 1913)

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